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Welcome to Greyhound Adoption Service

Dear friends,

Marilyn is taking a respite to work on some health issues.  Thank you to all of our adopters and friends for your support. The GAS kennel is now closed. Hank has been placed with Greyhound Pets of America Massachusetts (thank you, GPAMA).  The five remaining dogs have all gone to their forever homes.  Many thanks from Marilyn to everyone for your kind thoughts and wishes.  Special appreciation goes to our volunteers who worked so hard to maintain the kennel and help care for the dogs. 

Thank you,

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Greyhound Adoption Service (GAS) is a non-profit humane organization dedicated to finding loving, responsible  homes for  retired racing greyhounds.  Our mission is to raise awareness about what gentle, affectionate companions these noble dogs  are.  Greyhound Adoption Service is operated totally by volunteers and depends on fund-raising and donations for its operating expenses.  GAS was founded by Marilyn Wolkovits and in 28 years of service, our stalwart band of volunteers has placed over 2000 greyhounds into their forever homes. 


Before placement, our greyhounds receive a veterinary exam, heartworm test, complete dental, rabies and distemper/parvo innoculations, routine de-worming and spay or neuter.  All dogs have a health certificate, GAS ID tag, and a new martingale collar and leash.  The adoption fee is a non-refundable $350.  GAS makes a special effort to match the right dog with the right family or person. Pre- and post-adoption help and information are provided.  Call for an appointment.